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About ACUVUE® Brand

Ваши глаза — наше вдохновение. Уже более 30 лет мы неустанно трудимся над созданием контактных линз, которые гармонируют с вашими уникальными глазами и образом жизни, а также обеспечивают необходимую вам коррекцию зрения. Мы понимаем, как важно для вас зрение, поэтому поставили перед собой задачу быть ведущей в мире компанией по производству контактных линз и посвятили себя созданию продукции высочайшего качества.
С момента появления в 1987 году первых массовых одноразовых контактных линз компания ACUVUE® продолжает исследования и разработку контактных линз.
Кроме того, мы инвестируем в ресурсы и поддержку медицинских специалистов. В 2014 году компания ACUVUE® основала Институт зрения (The Vision Care Institute®) для специалистов по контактной коррекции зренияи студентов, готовящихся ими стать. Сегодня он известен как Институт Johnson & Johnson и имеет 26 центров на четырех континентах, принимающих ежегодно более 125 000 медицинских специалистов со всего мира.
Миссия компании ACUVUE® — обеспечивать здоровое зрение каждому, повсюду и ежедневно путем использования новых технологий и продукции.

ACUVUE® and vision care innovation

Innovators in the lab

We've never slowed in our search for new materials, new formulations and fresh ways to bring people clearer vision, more comfort, and healthier eyes.

Today, millions of people enjoy new levels of vision, comfort, freedom and performance, with our patented, advanced comfort technologies such as LACREON®, HYDRACLEAR®, HYDRACLEAR® PLUS, HYDRACLEAR® 1, HydraLuxe™, and HydraMax™. For people with astigmatism who haven’t been able to wear contact lenses comfortably, there’s our innovative BLINK STABILIZED™Lens Design. For people with presbyopia, there’s our lens design STEREO PRECISION TECHNOLOGY™.

And our quest to help people see better is still going strong, with new ideas, new science and new technologies coming soon.

Innovators in the classroom

Another facet of our pursuit of better vision care is a professional resource for eye doctors—THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE®, LLC. At the Institute, current and future eye doctors learn about the latest in vision diagnostic and treatment technologies through hands-on instruction and real-world scenarios.

Specifically designed to complement the curricula of the top optometry schools in the country, the Institute offers courses in technical training, decision-making, group problem solving, and patient communication skills. Working together, our goal is to help them provide the best, most up-to-date, most knowledgeable care to patients like you.


About Johnson & Johnson and the environment

Our purpose is to improve the health and well-being of people everywhere. To fulfill this goal, we must protect the environments in which we work and live. We have long recognized the critical interdependence between human health and the health of our planet. We understand that environmental degradation threatens human health, and that we have a responsibility to protect the environment.

To help us reduce our environmental footprint, we established Health Planet goals in the areas of energy use, water use, paper and packaging, waste reduction, product stewardship, biodiversity, and others. In developing these goals, we sought counsel from many stakeholders, including government officials, environmental groups, other companies and academic thought leaders. We are confident that our Healthy Planet 2010 goals will help safeguard the health of our planet.

About Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. and giving

For many years, we have supported a variety of community-based organizations in advancing the health and well-being of those in need. Our community partners show us where our giving can help the most. We listen to them and we learn from them so that the programs we support make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Find out about our community actions